Susanna Kamon Coaching

Hi, I’m Susanna. I’m a mind and life coach. I teach people how to use their power to create a life they love.

I help people overcome emotional eating by teaching them how to listen to their body and then discover the thoughts they have that cause them to overeat. (Yes, overeating is caused by your thought-errors!)

I help people build self confidence by teaching them that their thoughts are a choice – and that they can handle any emotion. (You don’t have to get rid of your negative thoughts; you just have to recognize them as thoughts and then choose not to be so committed to them!)

I help people build a successful business they love by teaching them how to recognize the thoughts that keep them stuck and the ones that release their power and make them unstoppable.

To learn more about overcoming emotional eating or any other life coaching topic, just email me to set up a free consult. Talk soon!