What is Life and Mindset Coaching?

Put simply, life and mindset coaching is helping you discover the power you have to feel good and to reach your goals.

A goal could be something external, like losing some weight, or like starting a business. Or it could be something internal, like becoming confident in yourself. Or it could be something in between, like experiencing a better relationship with your spouse.

The “feel good” part of coaching is very important. First, there isn’t much point in reaching a goal if it doesn’t make us feel good in some way. So we want to make sure that our goal is something we truly want (rather than something we think we “should” do), and that we want it for reasons we like, rather than reasons we don’t. (More on that later.)

Second, the “feel good” part needs to come first (or as we go). If we don’t learn to feel good as we go. we may be surprised to find that we won’t feel good when we arrive. Or we may find that we are scared to lose what we just achieved, because we think our feeling good just comes from the goal, rather than from our power to feel good no matter what. (And that fear also doesn’t feel good.)

Third, we are amazingly more able to reach our goals when we do it from a place of feeling good, than from feeling awful.

So learning to feel good is key.

Before going further on that, let me clarify that feeling good doesn’t mean never feeling sad, or frustrated or mad. It more means feeling from a clean place – feeling what is truly going on, but not adding

So, feeling good is key. And, it